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Welcome to Lantern Clinic

Welcome to Lantern Clinic

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Are you in tune with your own body and know something is wrong?


If you are looking for understanding of your health problem, for information that might help you feel better, Functional  Medicine can really help you.


If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, hormonal imbalance, long Covid, auto-immune conditions but the NHS treatment isn't helping enough, functional medicine can get to the bottom of the problem.


In functional medicine, we see the body as an interconnected whole, within a larger environment. We recognise that in order to treat one part of the body, all other parts must also be considered.

This breaks apart artificial divisions of the body. Functional medicine looks at underlying phenomena that occur across specialties (inflammation, oxidative stress, toxicities, cellular energy problems, etc.) in order to understand the root cause of disease and find the right tools, at the right time, individualised for each person.


Meet Dr Margarita Kitova-John

Heading up the Lantern Clinic, Dr Margarita Kitova-John is your Functional Medicine expert. As a practicing GP in the NHS, she has mastered the conventional approach to symptoms and disease.

Dr. Margarita post-graduated in general practice in Hampshire, on the Isle of Wight. She developed a clinical interest in women's health, sexual health, medicine management, and clinical leadership.


Dr. Margarita underwent medical training in different countries on the continent and eventually graduated in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2004. During her medical training, she gained versatile experience in various clinical settings. She completed GP post-graduate training on the Isle of Wight and fell in love with the place. 

Working as a front-line GP after 10 years, Dr Margarita was convinced that many common chronic conditions have more deep and complex causes and the symptomatic conventional treatments are not getting to the bottom of it.  She is excited to apply her knowledge and experience, to give her patients the time they need to really heal and recover

In Lantern Clinic, every patient is an individual and we believe deserves a personalised health plan.


How it works


Getting to know you and your health
  • Detailed intake of your current and past medical history

  • Build a comprehensive health timeline report

  • Understand the state of your health and visualise your needs.


Testing and analysis
  • We utilise the latest cutting-edge lab testing to diagnose, then develop a personalised treatment plan   

  • Empower you to get better and gain control and understanding of your health.


Bespoke individualised health plan
  • Your health plan will involve:

    • nutrition

    • movement therapy

    • supplementation

    • bespoke medication advice 

    • lifestyle modifications, and more.

  • Guidance and coaching along the way of your recovery.


Problems we treat

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Is menopause normal or does it need to be treated? The infomation out there is too much and overwelhming but what do we need to know

Is there such thing as "natural menopause" ? Does every woman need HRT or not?

Leaky Gut

GUT health

The gastrointestinal tract is the size of a tennis court!

This large organ in not just the main interface between our body and the environment but also first line of defence.

 It is where our body decides if we are immune tolerant of the world or inflamed by the world.

What people say..


Sophie, First Consultation

Thank you so much for your time today! I instantly felt better after meeting with you, but I was especially appreciative of your empathy and kindness given my emotional state.


What you said today made so much sense! Your fresh perspective and approach is so refreshing.


I am so much looking forward to working with you to achieve a better quality of life and wellness!

JK, Patient

When I consulted the Lantern Clinic I was having frequent, severe flare-ups of lymphocytic colitis and the only treatment offered on the NHS was steroids which only controlled the symptoms temporarily and worsened an underlying condition.  The prospect of living with this disease for the rest of my life was bleak.


The testing offered by the Clinic was incredibly detailed and unavailable on the NHS.


The treatment I have received has made an enormous difference to my life and virtually all my previous symptoms have disappeared after only 8 weeks of supplements.


I have been able to contact the Lantern Clinic at any time if I had a problem or query.


The nutritionist's guidance was helpful and useful and again she was contactable at any time.


You cannot put a monetary value on treatment which returns you to good long term health.

JHC, Patient

Margarita's personal approach and encouraging way of working has allowed me to take control of my own health. She has an excellent, warm way about her, that made me feel very comfortable.

I no longer have problems with my digestive system and my stomach / digestive problems have completely gone!